Save The Date: August 26th, 2017 Registration Opens for New Summer SAT

Early last year, the College Board announced two changes to its U.S. test date schedule:
  • January exams were offered for the last time in 2017
  • August exams will debut this summer 2017


The change responds to trends in testing, test preparation, and college admissions. Until this year, most juniors either took the SAT twice in the spring or waited until mid-autumn of senior year to take the SAT a final time.

While these options are still viable, many students will welcome the addition of a summer SAT.

Improved Planning

Juniors who test in March can theoretically take the SAT again in May or June, but timing can be a problem. Late spring of junior year is historically a period of increased academic and extra-curricular demands. Students also often reserve the May or June SAT test dates for taking Subject Tests when they are closer to completing the corresponding classwork.

It makes sense, then, that many students would wait until the fall of their senior year to retest. Juniors were able to remove an extra burden from their busy spring schedules and focus on finishing the school year strong.

Now, in addition to taking the SAT during a less stressful time period, students who sit for the August SAT can be confident that they’ll receive their test results well before early-application deadlines. In fact, if students find themselves dissatisfied with their August scores, they still have fall testing opportunities – October and possibly November. These fall SAT dates are excellent options for students who don’t have to meet early-admissions deadlines.

Summer Subject Tests

The following Subject Tests will be offered on August 26th. Bear in mind that students can’t sit for both the SAT and SAT Subject Tests on the same day.

·   Literature

·   U.S. History

·   World History

·   Math Level 1

·   Math Level 2

·   Biology E/M

·   Chemistry

·   Physics

·   French

·   Spanish

While we usually recommend taking Subject Tests toward the end of second semester, the new August date could be a good makeup or retest opportunity for some students, as long as they prepare appropriately over the summer.

Coming soon: The Summer ACT

For years, College Board’s main competitor, ACT, administered a fall test in early September. Many seniors chose the September ACT, partly out of necessity, to complete testing as early in their senior year as possible. Now, the ACT has announced they will offer a July test date, beginning in 2018.

Those lamenting that college admission tests only seem to be offered at demanding academic periods will soon be getting their wish: between the SAT and ACT, tests will be offered during eleven calendar months per year. Only January will provide a testing respite.

What This Means for Students

Who should consider the August SAT?

  • The class of 2018 – current juniors
  • The class of 2019 – current sophomores who have completed Pre-Calculus

Use the August 26th date as a clear target for well-paced, tutoring over the summer months.

If you are considering taking the August SAT, be sure to register early. The regular registration deadline will close on July 28th, and we expect the summer test date will be in high demand.

Do you have questions about the August SAT, questions about whether to prep for the SAT or ACT, or need other test-planning guidance? Please contact us at the Potomac Education Center. We would be happy to assist you