It’s College Essay Time

In addition to valuing a challenging high school curriculum, solid grades, and strong test scores, colleges look for a well-written essay that provides insight into the student’s unique personality, values, and goals. The college application essay should be thoughtful and personal, demonstrating careful and well-developed writing.

If you need help with your college essays or know someone currently navigating the college process, we can help! We have provided assistance to students on their college essays and have interviewed college applicants for many years. We are attuned to what schools are looking for and appreciate.

Our services range from developing ideas for college essays to their final editing. We don’t write the essays: We involve the student throughout the process via generating ideas and refining the text along the way. We are able to elicit college application-worthy themes from students who think they lack them. Even if we need to provide a lot of content editing, we are always mindful of keeping the essays cast in the student’s voice. No essay is considered finished until both our student and we are completely satisfied with it.

Some of the colleges that our students have recently been accepted to, many with merit awards, include Harvard, Cornell, Washington University, Michigan, USC, NYU, Washington and Lee, Tufts, Wisconsin, Georgetown, Williams, UVA, America, George Mason, University of Miami, Tulane, Bucknell, Skidmore, Bates, Pittsburgh, Lehigh, Case Western, Carnegie Mellon, Rochester, University of Maryland, Miami of Ohio, Ithaca, Duke, UCLA, Vancouver, UC Santa Barbara, Dickinson, Lafayette, and Purdue.

Students should start focusing on applications this summer. Our schedule is getting full, but we have space for a few more essay clients. Please let us know so that we may set aside an opening for you. Email us at [email protected] or call us at (240) 292-9599.