A competitive test score is one of the most significant factors for college admission. We can help you realize your full potential. On average, our students improve 200 composite points on the SAT and six composite points on the ACT, which moves you up a minimum of two selectivity tiers for college admissions. Submitting scores that elevate you within the colleges’ applicant pools will maximize your admission opportunities. Learn More

High School Mathematics

In addition to high standardized test scores, strong grades are critical to college admissions process and beyond. For that reason, we offer private tutoring support for high school mathematics:  Algebra 1 and 2, Geometry, Precalculus and Calculus. Get a more in-depth understanding of these core courses. Learn More

College Essays

Colleges look for a well-written essay that provides insight into your unique personality, values, and goals. According to the 2015 NACAC State of College Admissions, 61% of colleges report that the essay is of “considerable or moderate importance.” If you need support with your college essays, we can help! We provide assistance on college essays and are attuned to what schools specifically look for. Learn More

GRE Prep

Many graduate schools require the GRE General Test, which features Verbal Reasoning, Quantitative Reasoning, and Analytical Writing. We prepare college students and graduates for the GRE, helping them achieve the score needed for graduate school admission. Learn More


For college students and graduates considering law school, the LSAT measures reading and logical reasoning skills that law schools utilize when assessing candidates. Our expertise in LSAT tutoring has helped numerous applicants gain acceptance into law school, many with scholarships. . Learn More

The PEC Approach

  • Diagnostic SATs and ACTs to determine the better test for each student
  • Covering all sections of both tests: Verbal, Math, Science, and Writing
  • Materials and strategies that are proprietary, copyrighted, and based predominantly on actual test questions
  • One-on-one sessions, each one hour-and-fifteen-minutes
  • Working with two separate tutors, each devoted to specific sections of the test
  • Instruction and curricula tailored to meet individual needs
  • Expertise in recognizing and addressing learning issues
  • Free, proctored mocks of recent exams before each test date
  • Emotional support, confidence-building, and lasting life skills

  SAT Test Prep

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